Role of Geography and Ecology towards Interference on Kenta Manis Channel's Vlog “Kenta Pamit, Semua Nangis Denger Surat Kenta


  • Ningrum Tresnasari Widyatama University


Interference, morfological, vlog, geography, ecology


Different individuals across the countries experience the interference. In this regard, it is worthy to note that only few studies have considered this. Therefore, the present study has addressed the interference and its predictors namely; geography and ecology. It is an error in the second language that is commonly found when a person learns to learn a language other than his mother tongue. This study aims to describe the morphological interference contained in the Kenta Manis Channel Youtube vlog entitled "Kenta Pamit, All Crying Listening to Letters from Kenta". The method used is a qualitative descriptive method, with the referential method as the data collection method and the orthographic equivalent method as the analysis method. The conclusions obtained from the analysis are that there are 27 morphological interferences made by Kenta when he reads a letter to Onsu Family, which include 14 affix writing errors, 2 phoneme occurrences, 1 phoneme release, 1 phoneme change, and 9 phoneme shifts. The results of the study revealed that geography and ecology of the individuals tend to result in different patterns of interference among the individuals.