Discipline Perspective, Compensation and Performance: Evidence from Geographic Perspective of West Indonesian Msme Services Sector


  • Deden Sutisna
  • Hasby Hadian assidiky
  • Nur fajar aspira
  • Dainese Nur Ghaisani
  • Ogi Gomelar Septian Ramadi


Discipline Perspective, geographical perspective, compensation


This research aims to convey a scientific study of micro small medium and enterprises (MSME) actors in the service sector in West Java, Indonesia in terms of discipline, compensation, geographical location and performance as long as Covid runs for one year in West Java, Indonesia. With this study, it is hoped that it will provide an overview of the condition of this sector both for business actors, policy makers, and academics and so on from this perspective. The research method used is verificative, with a sample of 62 MSME actors in the service sector from the geographical perspective of West Java-Indonesia. To test the data obtained used validity and reliability tests, and data analysis using simple linear regression, correlation and determination assisted by SPSS software version 25. The results of the research show that 1) shows that the condition of the MSME service sector in the Covid 19 pandemic phase in one year seen from the discipline, compensation and performance is still very existing and very good. This means that when Covid is running, this sector still has very good conditions of work discipline, compensation and performance. This can be seen from the mean which is on a very good mean of numbers. 2) The development between work discipline, work compensation and performance is still in the normal and unidirectional corridor. This means that if the discipline and compensation change, the performance will change in the same direction. 3) The level of contribution transferred from discipline and compensation to performance is quite large and discipline has a bigger impact than compensation. Based on the results of the research, it can be concluded that work discipline, work compensation and the performance of the service sector MSMEs in West Java when Covid 19 runs for one year are still very good and conducive.