Continuation of Teaching and Learning during the Covid-19: A Case Study on the Geographical Education Department


  • Mohd Haizam Saudi
  • Madihah Mohd Saudi


Geography students, Geographical Education, Information Communication Technology


The COVID-19 pandemic has not only impacted our health but also impacted our daily life especially in terms of economics, lifestyle, and teaching and learning (T&L). There was also security issues related to online tools of geographical education. Adapting to a new world, we have learned a great deal about the spread of COVID-19, are aware of the implications and have introduced mitigation solutions within societies and concerning our economies. Yet worldwide, we are still learning. This paper presents a case study on how we strategize different styles of T&L among students at Higher Education Institute (HEI) specifically in our university department of geographical education, with Information Communication Technology (ICT) as the enabler. We developed a smart university blueprint with T&L as part of the main components and based it on tech-driven. With the emerging educational needs of the geography students, this smart university blueprint facilitates and supports the implementation of emerging education challenges related to teaching and learning of geography education. This case study indicates the importance of ICT as an enabler in T&L or known as smart learning. This blueprint can be used as guidance for educators and ICT top management in strategizing, adapting, and adopting their T&L style in the new normal