The Perception of Individuals on the Effect of E-Service Quality and Brand Trust in Buying Adds Footwear Products in Urban Areas of Indonesia


  • Henry Meytra
  • Djoko Roespinoedji


E-Service Quality, Brand Trust, Adrs footwear Products


The purpose of this study was to determine how the influence of E-Service Quality and Brand Trust on repurchase interest in Adrsfoot wear products in the urban areas of Indonesia. The research method uses descriptive and verification with data collection through observation and distributing questionnaires where the population of 8134 uses the slovin formula with a tolerance level of 10%, the population is 99 with data analysis through validity, reliability, data normality, multicollinearity, multiple linear regression analysis, coefficient correlation, coefficient of determination and hypothesis testing. The results of the analysis of E-Service Quality, Brand Trust and Repurchase Interest of Adrs footwear Products, it is necessary to increase consumer satisfaction with E-service quality so as to create Brand Trust on product sales compared to other competitors by increasing repurchase interest in Adrsfootwear at Additionally, the results of the study revealed that the geography also plays a vital role in determing the repurchase intentions. Based on the results of the correlation test and the effect of E-Service Quality and Brand Trust on Repurchase Interest, it has a positive significant level and shows a very strong relationship and the results of hypothesis testing using (F test) can be accepted because the results of calculations in Ftable > Fcount mean Ho is rejected and Ha accepted.