The Perception of Students and Teachers in The Copyright Protection of Digital Creator Community with The Effect of Human Resource Management in Indonesia


  • Nina Nurani, Haryanto, Puri Arum Lestari Master Of Management Postgraduate Program Widyatama University, Indonesia


Millennial human resources, intellectual property copyright, digital creativity, 5.0 society


Digital creativity works of the Millennial generation in Bandung had great potential to be developed, and it was a determinant of overcoming challenges in the 5.0 era. The widespread threats to the existence of copyrighted works and inventions on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) required the support of a comprehensive understanding of the protection of copyright from the generation through the law enforcement process in digital creative creations resulting from the process of media transfer or digitalization on digital format. The purpose of this study is to examine the role of human resources in the copyright protection of digital creativity works 5.0 of the Millennial generation in Bandung (Indonesia). The data was collected from the students and teachers who were working or studying in the universities of Bandung, Indonesia. This study applied a cross sectional method, legal interpretation method and legal construction. The descriptive research specification was quantitative analysis with the sampling technique using purposive sampling by the total of 26 respondents from the digital creator community in Bandung and normative juridical data collection techniques using literature study. The results showed that the educating the human resources of the Bandung millennial generation to copyright protection for digital creativity indicated high rank. However, there were still some human resources of this generation that did not have a comprehensive understanding of copyright protection for their creative digital works. Furthermore, it was necessary to be more proactive in socializing copyright protection as regulated in regulation number 28 of 2014, concerning copyright of the millennial generation, specifically related to legal guarantees, security and licenses.