Analysis Of the Effect of Motivation, Competency, And Geographical Environmental Characteristics on Employee Performance: Study on Finance Directorate in Indonesia


  • Yunata Kandhias Akbar, Mohd Haizam Saudi Widyatama University
  • Obsatar Sinaga Padjadjaran University


Motivation, Competence, Characteristics, geographical Work Environment, Employee Performance.


The background of this study is the presence of problems on motivation, competence, and performance characteristics of the geographic work environment of employees who have made F, tested by the results of pre-research. The research objective was to analyze the effect of work motivation, competence, geographic work environment on employee performance at Perum LPPNPI. A population of 344 for the central office environment Airnav Indonesia. The study sample consisted of 66 people drawn from the population of the Finance Directorate. The sampling technique in this research is non probability sampling-saturated samples. Determination of the number of samples by using the census method. Analysis of data using multiple regression with SPSS. The results prove that motivation, competence.