Price and Product Geographic Origin Influencing Purchase Decisions and Acceptance of Dell PCs in Indonesia During Covid-19


  • Adam Faritzal, Fauzan Ibrahim Business Management Faculty, Widyatama University, Bandung, Indonesia


Price, Quality Product, Purchasing Decisions.


At the end of the year 2019, the world has been informed by a Pandemic called Covid-19. Currently, President Joko Widodo is appealing to all Indonesian residents to do their work and study by home (WFH & SFH) to avoid the spread of covid-19. Companies which are engaged in electronics, especially computers, have their income increase from consumer’s buying. PC Dell is also a company which produces and sells computers. Buying decisions on Dell PCs will increase with a good income and geographic product quality. From the sales results, PC Dell’s sales were decreasing from Quartal 2 in 2020. This study aims to determine the impact of price and geographical quality product on purchasing decisions at PC Dell in Indonesia during Pandemic, Covid-19. The research method uses quantitative methods with descriptive and verification approaches. Data collection by distributing questionnaires to PC Dell’s Consumers as many as 100 respondents. The results of research using quantitative methods show a coefficient value of 59,6%, it can be concluded that the effect of Price and Quality Product on Purchasing Decisions is 59.6% while the remaining 41.4% is influenced by other variables not examined in this study