Analysis of Cash Rolling In Food and Beverage Sectors Seen From Ability to Make Profit and Pay Obligations: A Geographical Comparison


  • John Henry Wijaya, Djoko Roespinoedji Widyatama University Bandung


ROA, CR and Working Capital


This study examines how the company's ability to implement its working capital policy in different geographical locations to control its ability to pay its obligations and generate profits in companies that are members of the food and beverage sector. The movement between variables in all the 8 companies operating at different locations that occur is one of the phenomena that occur in the sector. The selected sample is as many as 8 companies using descriptive verification method. The results show that only the current ratio has an effect on working capital and that effect is slightly different in all the studied companies due to the geographical factor. These findings had a significant association with the firm performance. Therefore, these findings could add a body of literature in the extant literature that could become a new area of research in future. In addition, the findings of the study could also provide help to the policy makers and regulators to know about the importance of working capital to increase their firm performance.