Implementation of Pest Detection Based on International Technological Education in Orange Plants Using Neural Network and Svm Methods


  • Muhammad Benny Chaniago, Yustika Dwi Rahma Department, Widyatama University


Horticultural Plants, Citrus Plants, Applications, Neural Network, SVM


We cannot avoid international technological education because technological advances will run by scientific advances. Therefore, technology also provides many conveniences, as well as new ways of carrying out human activities. With the rapid advancement of technology, making people innovate and create new things is no exception to making an intelligent agricultural system. Smart agricultural technology works and has benefits for farmers or plant owners and solutions for communicating with plants.Thus, growing good Citrus requires special care because citrus plants are very susceptible to pests during their growth. The dominant pests on citrus plants generally include Lahat (Bactrocera spp.). Lack of information regarding citrus crop problems makes it difficult for employees to detect pest symptoms early and control them to take the necessary action effectively, especially with the many symptoms that occur. The pest detection application has been in great demand by most practitioners in agriculture to meet their personal needs, including to meet the needs of plants. This application uses two methods, namely the Neural Network method and the SVM method. We hope that the application of the Information System Application to identify pests in citrus plants can help employees in citrus plants to identify the types of problems that attack citrus plants and provide control suggestions.