Spinsterhood - its causes and treatment in the Holy Quran: Contemporary social thematic study


  • Husam Awad Khalifah


Spinsterhood, treatment and Holy Quran


Spinner in language The woman spins the spinster by joining spinsters and people, and Al-Asma'i said, "I was impassioned by what he did not name the perpetrator because she is whispering, and it was said that I missed, and the spinster among men and women who remain for a time after he realizes he does not marry. Most of what is used in women are said that the woman is spineless, because she is spinster, and impure, and she is stubborn if she grows up and is incapacitated. Idiomatically spinster: is the girl who resides with her family after reaching the age of marriage for a long time and she did not marry and knew her. Likewise, it is called a man who did not marry. The scholars differed regarding determining the age of a spinster, according to several statements, It was said that spinsterhood begins from the twenty-fifth, it was said that it was thirty years, and it was said thirty-three, and it was said that it was thirty-five, and it was said forty years, and it was said that it was forty-five to sixty years, and that difference in determining the age of spinsterhood is due to the prevailing custom in each region.