Republic of Dolls in Kuwait 4 Aug 1990-8 Aug 1990 (Historical Study)


  • Hawraa Razzaq Hassan
  • Emad Hadi Abd Ali


Iraqi leadership, oil and economic disputes, Kuwait, political breakthrough


The Iraqi leadership undertook the process of invading Kuwait on 2 August 1990 after border, oil and economic disputes that contributed to the Iraqi forces 'entry into Kuwait, The Iraqi government sought to create a mock government (puppet) using multiple slogans to conceal the basic truth of the process of invading Kuwait in order to benefit from the impact that the formation of the interim government has on those who fall under its influence in a certain way, as the sweeping process needs an ideological and ideological and media dimension in order to become In theory, at least acceptable, the formation of the interim government focused on internal and external solutions inside Iraq and Kuwait alike, as the Iraqi leadership believed that the formation of the interim government could have a psychological effect on the minds of Kuwaitis and Iraqis by taking reassuring measures to cause a political breakthrough. And in the media, in accepting the invasion process, whether internally or externally, as well as preparing the international community to accept the invasion.