The Intellectual Luxury in The Interior Design


  • Alaa Talib Kareem Researcher., Mustansiriyah University, Iraq,
  • Sudad Hisham Hameed University of Baghdad, Iraq,


intellectual, design, interior spaces.


The interior spaces were and still represent the changing intellectual physical entity that uses its changing elements to renew its constants in formulas that respond to the needs and requirements, and with the passage of time the interior spaces have become not based on the size and type of their content only, but their design has become a design and artistic value that corresponds to its content and surpasses it with unfamiliar processes. As its designers led the creative of design with a variety of thinking methods from thought to reality to manifest itself in its tangible form, so we conducted a study that dealt with the problem of research, and purpose, and the theoretical framework included two topics, the first: Intellectual luxury and its elements in interior design, the second: Methods of intellectual luxury in interior design. And then coming up with indicators that were used as axes in analyzing the research model of the Qatar National Museum by the architect Jean Nouvel, which was inaugurated in 2019 AD. Then the research reached a set of results and conclusions