Vehicle Influence Simulation Over Dimension Overload on Road Conditions


  • Kgs. Saiful Anwar Civil Engineering Doctoral Program, Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Ofyar Z. Tamin Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering, Sumatera Institute of Technology, Sumatera, Indonesia
  • Najid Civil Engineering Doctoral Program, Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, Indonesia.


Vehicle, over-dimension overload, road damage, HDM - 4


Heavy vehicle traffic with loads exceeding predetermined standards significantly affects road damage that often occurs. The study's purpose is to see the effect of over-dimension overload vehicle (ODOL) on the IRI value, design age, and costs in road maintenance on national roads, the Palembang - Jambi section, Indonesia. The analysis is carried out using the vehicle damage factor (VDF) assessment to obtain the effect of the vehicle axle. The results of the evaluation are then used to get the residual value of the design life. The sensitivity analysis of road conditions to heavy vehicles' configuration shows the main factors influencing road damage. The research carried out resulted in comparing the IRI value with three simulation conditions and handling costs. The results show that the effect of ODOL on the remaining design life resulted in a residual of 5.78 years for the overload load and 5.85 with a loading simulation on the overload load. Regression analysis produces equation models and parameters that affect road damage due to ODOL vehicles, namely load, number of axles, and trucks. ODOL’s arrangement simulation can improve the IRI value and save road maintenance costs using simulations on the HDM-4.