Waste Management Modelling In Siak Regency


  • Yati Hartati, Adrianto Ahmad, Zulkarnain, Dedi Afandi Universitas Riau, Pekanbaru 28293, Indonesia


Modeling, Waste Management, Siak


Abstract: Siak regency is located in an area that extends from the coast of the sea (the Strait) to the mainland of Sumatra and irrigated by the Siak River which is the deepest river in Indonesia. The dynamics of community and industrial activities in this area have a negative impact on the amount of waste production every day which is not properly managed. This study aims to analyze the waste management in Siak Regency, and to create a waste management model in Siak Regency. The research method used is a survey, literature study, and interviews with the government involved in waste management, private parties / companies and respondents in 14 subdistricts in Siak Regency. The results showed that the waste management by Siak Regency was still low with the existence of environmentally unfriendly waste management practices and the implementation of the 3R System was low. To achieve a good environmentally friendly waste management, the waste management model in Siak Regency is formulated schematically from the existing conditions related to the 5 (five) main points of waste management, namely: (1) promoting the understanding of the concept of zero waste to minimize waste production; (2) developing waste banks and creative waste-based industries and increasing the role of garbage scavengers and collectors to apply the waste sorting method; (3) develop techniques and transportation of segregated waste to facilitate the final waste in the final dumpsite (TPA); (4) carry out a backfill system in local waste processing; and (5) developing an integrated waste processing method to obtain the benefit value of the waste. To implement this waste management model, active commitment and support is needed in the form of cooperation between the community, local government and the private sector / company.