Digital Marketing education as a Strategy to Get New Opportunities: A Geographical Case Study on Indogarment MSMEs, Indonesia


  • Ni Putu Nurwita Pratami Wijaya, Oliver Hasan Padmanegara Economic and Business Faculty, Widyatama University, Bandung, Indonesia


Digital economy, Digital marketing, Marketing education, SME


The concept of digitization, which is a transformation from traditional to digital changes, we have understood from various sectors, one of which is marketing. The useof digital marketing is very helpful for businesses, but in reality in Indonesia it is still not maximally implemented. Additionally, the basic education in marketing also influences the intention to explore the new opportunities. This can be seen from the data which states that only 13%of all MSMEs in Indonesia use digital companies. Although it is backed by the digital marketing but the marketing education profile of the marketer also influences the success of the marketing and identification of the new opportunities. Indogarment is one of the MSMEs in Indonesia that is able to take advantage of digital marketing for its company. This study aims to understand digital marketing can help companies and get new opportunities from potential consumers. The research method used in this study is qualitative by means of interviews and observations on the object study, namely the Indogarment company. The main research result is that in the implementation of digitalmarketing, a deep understanding is needed so that companies are not wrong in choosingtools in digital marketing so that they are effective. Additionally, the role of basic marketing education cannot be ignored at all.