Designing Of Payroll Accounting System Information: A Geographical Setting on Tantina Jatiluhur Foundation, Indonesia


  • Sendi Gusnandar Arnan, Nadya Meyfira Almaretha, Ignatius Oki Dewa Brata, Yati Mulyati Accounting Department, Widyatama University Bandung, Indonesia


Accounting Information System, Payroll


Salary is a remuneration in the form of money received by an employee as a consequence of his position as an employee who has contributed and also his thoughts to achieve a goal for the company. There are still many companies or organizations that have not been able to implement a good payroll system. This research was conducted to find out how to design a payroll accounting information system at the geographical perspective of Tantina Jatiluhur Foundation Indonesia. The research method used is descriptive. The results of the research and design of this system can facilitate the processing and presentation of payroll reports.