Work Posture Analysis of Production Machine Operator Using Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (Rula) Method: A Geographical Perspective Study on PT. Bandung Innovation Organic Company, Indonesia


  • Riki Ridwan Margana, Arief Harkat Idram, Muchammad Fauzi Widyatama University, Pasundan University


Ergonomic, Work Posture, Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA)


  1. Bandung Innovation Organic (PT.BIO) is a company engaged in the production of organic fertilizers, in carrying out its production activities, it is in accordance with procedures and continues to improve the work system, production system, and management system in order to achieve company goals so that the company can be more efficient. better and able to fulfill market desires and provide satisfaction to consumers, namely from high quality products as well as services provided by the Company. The problem that occurs in the pressing section from the observations made is that workers like to experience pain or soreness in the arm caused by a less ergonomic work position, causing the work to be less than optimal. After analyzing the work posture on the pressing process operator at PT. Bandung Organic Innovation (PT.BIO) using the Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) method, the results obtained are the value of the level of danger caused by wrong posture and the value obtained is 7, which means that the posture used is not good for health operator. Therefore, it is necessary to check and change the working posture of pressing operators and health checks so as not to cause more serious effects, with a good work posture that will provide comfort for workers, the company must pay attention to it and it is very necessary for maximum work results.