The Effect Of Export-Import On Economic Growth During The Covid-19 Pandemic In Indonesia: An Investigation From Multiple Geographical Settings In Indonesia And Across Borders


  • Tria Apriliana, Mohd Haizam Saudi Widyatama University
  • Obsatar Sinaga Padjadjaran University


Export, Import, GDP


The pandemic that occurredklin Indonesia has theklpotential to slow downklthe economy. Indonesia's export andklimport activities experienced disruptionklduring the pandemic because it occurred in almost all countries of the world. This study aims to determine the effect of exports and imports from multiple geographical locations across the borders on economic growth during the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. This study uses multiple linear regression methods to answerklthe research hypotheses. Throughoutklthe pandemic thatkloccurred in Indonesia during 2019-2021, GDPklgrowth was determinedklby export andklimport activities. Theklresults of theklanalysis also show that an increase inklexports will resultklin a decrease inklGDP, while an increaseklin imports will causeklan increaseklin GDP. The rate of import and export was found slightly different in different geographical locations in Indonesia and across the borders.