A Review on Herry Dim's Creative Process in Creating the Motekar Puppet: A Case Study on Indonesia


  • Ibrahim Adi Surya Widyatama University


Wayang Motekar, Cerativity, Herry Dim


Wayang Motekar is a shadow puppet in color is a work of Herry Dim who went through a long journey from the manufacturing process. Starting from little Herry Dim until now after becoming an artist. Wayang Motekar has an element of novelty from lighting techniques, and from the materials used for the puppets, so that it produces colorful shadows. The process of making wayang into a show is important to write, where all these processes are a life experience that Herry Dim lived. This thesis uses a qualitative method which are then analyzed using a theory. Rob Pope's theory of creativity is used in this paper to analyze the object of the problem. The main problem in this thesis is knowing Herry Dim's creative process in making wayang motekar, so that wayang motekar becomes a show that is appreciated by the audience.