Viewpoints of Social Studies Teachers about Oral History Method


  • İlker DERE Necmettin Erbakan University, Konya, TURKEY


Oral History; Social Studies; Teacher; Historical Thinking Skills; Evidence-Based Learning


The aim of this study was to reveal the viewpoints of social studies teachers regarding oral history method. The qualitative research approach was used to achieve this purpose. A total of 225 middle[1]school social studies teachers from various provinces of Turkey participated in the study. A standardized open-ended interview form comprising three sections was used to collect data. Data collected online and during face-to-face interviews were evaluated with content analysis method. At the end of the research, important results regarding the usage of oral history in social studies courses were obtained. First, it was observed that most of the social studies teachers were acquainted with the oral history method and that they learned about this method during their university education. Second, most of the teachers defined the method as an interesting and effective method that facilitates permanent learning. Third, they remarked that the oral history method presents first-hand information, develops historical thinking skills and ensures the establishment of a meaningful connection with society. In spite of this, the teachers who stated that they do not use this method in their courses mentioned some problems related to the school curriculum and oral history method. In the context of these results, it can be concluded that the oral history method has begun to gain popularity among social studies teachers despite some problems.