The Place of Change and Continuity Perception, Time and Chronology Perception Skills in the Curriculum of the Social Studies


  • Şenol Mail PALA Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University, Erzincan, TURKEY


Social Studies, Perception of Change And Continuity, Perception of Time And Chronology, Skill


Perception of change and continuity and perception of time and chronology are among the skills expected to be acquired by students through the Social Studies course curriculum (SSCEC). These skills are included in the SSCEC, which was updated in both 2005 and 2018. It is aimed to attainment, develop and transfer these skills to students by making associations with many learning areas in SSCEC and with the achievements included in these learning areas. It is important to what degree these skills, which are among the basic skills of the social studies course, are included in the curriculum. For this reason, the aim of the study was to determine how much and at what level the ability to perceive change and continuity and to perceive time and chronology were given in SSCEC. The qualitative research model and document review method were used in the study. Due to the study of the relationship between change and continuity perception and time and chronology perception skills with SSCEC, SSCEC has been identified as the data source of the study. The data is analyzed by descriptive analysis technique. According to the results of the study, it was achieved that the ability to perceive change and continuity and to perceive time and chronology are included in SSCEC at all class levels and in all learning areas. In addition, it was determined that the ability to detect change and continuity in SSCEC includes the ability to detect continuity and change that occurs with the most time, and the ability to detect time and chronology includes indicators for interpreting data in the most time lane.