Covid-19 Suicidal Cases in India in the Light of Poverty: Upcoming Challenges for India in Terms of Economy


  • Danish Suleman, Waqas Mehmood, Faiza Iqbal, Muhammad Umair Ashraf


Suicides in India; health and economic crisis; COVID-19 suicide; Poverty and suicide.


Many suicide cases of Indian COVID-19 get attention from news and social media, even though no particular study has significantly assessed COVID-19’s causal factors for suicide. Therefore, 125 COVID-19 suicide cases are covered by current research (aged 19 to 65 years; 63 cases were males). The causes of suicide include Fear of COVID-19 (n=21), after financial problems (n=19), sole, social boycott and quarantine pressures, COVID-19 positive, work-related stress, incapacity for lockdown and incapacity to get alcohol. Fear of COVID-19. Given the severe psychological effects of COVID-19, extensive tele-mental health services throughout the country are urgently needed.