The Impact of Epidemics on Human Behavior: A Fundamentalistic Study


  • Raghad Hasan Ali Alsa Raj University of Baghdad, College of Islamic Sciences, Iraq


Epidemics, Humanitarian behavior, Fundamentalism


Man has known the epidemic since ancient times, and dealt with it according to his knowledge at the time, and with the development of civilizations, the means of discovering epidemics and methods of dealing with them have evolved, and their spread has become more effective and rapid. This is due to the ease with which societies communicate and the large number of their gatherings in the modern era, and since our honorable law is characterized by flexibility, self-renewal, and its validity for every time and place, it is thanks to God Almighty that he is able to adapt the different behaviors of the assigned Muslim and others to suit the epidemic situation and the specific variables it imposes according to the status of each epidemic. There is no doubt that the Sharia law includes all the details of a Muslim’s life with regard to acts of worship, dealings, personal status rulings and so on, in addition to issues that fall within the circle of rights , customs and public morals. That is because the Islamic religion is valid for every time and place and for all circumstances and developments. Its rulings were characterized by flexibility and renewal with the stability of the general rules that were mentioned in the Holy Quran and the purified Sunnah.