An Investigation into Digital Literacy Views of Social Studies Preservice Teachers in the Context of Authentic Learning


  • Seda ÖNGER, Turhan ÇETİN University of Gazi, Ankara, TURKEY


Digital Literacy; Social Studies; Qualitative Research; Preservice Teachers.


The learning characteristics of the individuals have been rapidly changing, and the current 21st century learners are now expected to have innovation, digital literacy, life and career skills. The educational systems must be outfitted with a prerequisite of digital resources, and curricula for digital literacy should be designed to promote authentic learning environment to which students will relate and respond.This study aims to determine how social studies teacher candidates perceive the concept of "digital literacy." Accordingly, social studies teacher candidates’ metaphors about digital literacy in the context of authentic learning were examined through semi-structured interviews implementing the survey model as a qualitative research technique. The study was carried out in a university in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey in the fall term of the academic year of 2017-2018, with teacher candidates in the programs of social studies teaching. A semi-structured interview form and a metaphor completion task developed by the researchers were used as the data collection tools. Based on expert opinions, the drafts of the semistructured interview form and the metaphor completion task were revised and finalized. The data were analyzed and interpreted through content analysis. Based on the findings, some suggestions are made.