Linking the Learning and Teaching Geography: The Gap between School and University in Turkey


  • Niyazi KAYA Ministry of National Education, Ankara, TURKEY


Undergraduate Geography Education, Geography Teacher, Geography Education, Turkey


This study was carried out with the aim to determine the level of sufficiency of the geography teachers' education, which they received during their undergraduate education, in terms of their professional performance in the official secondary education institutions under the Ministry of National Education in Turkey. This study adopted the survey model and the relevant data was collected by using a descriptive approach. THESE data were collected from the actively-working geography teachers by using a data collection tool developed by the researcher with the modeling technique to be analyzed and interpreted. According to the results obtained from the collected data; it has been observed that the geography teachers did not consider the undergraduate education they received while carrying out their education activities and they did not have sufficient level in acquiring some of the fields that have to be given to the students. Undergraduate geography teacher programs need to be updated on a need-based basis by taking the opinions of all stakeholders, to be able to apply the geography curriculum effectively and effectively and to provide the geographic skills required by the 21st century to students. In addition, some suggestions can be made to the geography teachers who are currently working in the Ministry of National Education (MoNE) by developing application-based activities to meet the professional development needs in the areas they need.