The Effect of Using Stretch Cords to Improve the Strength of Arm Movement in (UTB)


  • Wisal Alrabadi


arm movement strength, UTB, training program, Stretch Cords - Training


The goal of this study is to determine the impact of employing stretch cords to increase arm movement strength in (UTB). The researcher uses a quasi-experimental method on a group of twenty female swimmers who are enrolled in the summer semester (2020/2021) at Yarmouk University's faculty of Physical Education. Stretch Cords -Training program: The experimental approach is complemented with an eight-week training program that includes three fifty-minute meetings per week. The Wilcoxon test is used to compare two standard tests with and without the experimental approach for the included swimmers in order to discover the variation trend in dynamic execution of the stroke (UTB). The findings of the comparison showed that utilizing Stretch Cords -Training on the pool floor has a beneficial impact on improving the muscular power of swimmer hands by pulling, as well as improving the performance record in the competition (UTB). The researcher suggests utilizing Stretch Cords -Training on the pool floor since it improves the record level in the pool (UTB).