Studying The Impact of Franco and Emotional Phenomena in The Arabic Language Through social media


  • Basil Faisal Sa,ed AL-Zu,bi ,Mohammad khair Sulieman Bani doumi ,Ibtisam Ali Salem Halaly


Arabs and Muslims, phenomenon of emotionality, teaching methods, morphological structure, and vocal syllables


The Arabic language represents the identity and culture of its children, and it is the language of religion for Arabs and Muslims. The research aims to define the Franco phenomenon, explain its features, define the phenomenon of emotionality, explain its features, and then show the impact resulting from the use of the two phenomena in the Arabic language through social media. On the Arabic language or its teaching methods, and asking them the following questions: What is the effect of the Franco phenomenon on the Arabic language? What is the effect of the phenomenon of emotionality in the Arabic language? What are your suggestions to confront these phenomena? What are your recommendations about these linguistic phenomena? The research concluded that the use of the two phenomena weakens the classical language, and affects writing, reading, composition, morphological structure, and vocal syllables.