Paratexts In the Travel Literature (Bassem Furat) As A Model


  • Ammar Jassim Mohammed ,Taghreed Abdel Khaleq Hadi


Travel literature, Distinctive stylistic structure, semantic energy, travel


The travel literature is distinguished by a distinctive stylistic structure, especially in the art of paratext for the travel art. It is a key for the reader to understand the text and includes high semantic energy that demonstrates the content of the text, and is linguistically and emotionally intensive. The travel literature was characterized by titles that attract the reader, have a spatial significance, and a highly descriptive literary one. Thus, we divided these paratext according to their sequence in the book of the journey, starting with the main title and then the dedication of all its patterns, which was characterized by a very personal form, then the introduction, which paves the way for the text and establishes an early understanding by the reader of the art of the journey, then the initiation, which is the beginning of the text of the travel and the search for trips, places, and people within the travel. In conclusion, the trip was characterized by titles that are very attractive to the reader, as well as the names of places in a very large way.