Logical Fallacies in Daesh Propaganda Methods


  • Sattar Jabbar Ghanem ,Sarah Salam Abdulatif


Daesh propaganda methods, Choice fallacies, Organization fallacies, Explanation fallacies


The current research aims at discovering the propaganda fallacies in Daesh propaganda methods through the official electronic AL-Naba' newspaper of "Daesh organization" for the period 2015-2016 by using (37) texts out of (46) from (16) issues for (13) months, starting form the first issue in 16/10/2015 until the sixtieth issue in 22/11/2016. The researchers adopted the descriptive approach using the content analysis method for the issues (the research sample) by using the unity of the idea as an analysis unit, i.e., the study of everything related to the logical fallacies and the propaganda methods of Daesh organization especially in Iraq and Syria. The time period for the research starts (from October 2015 until November 2016). The researchers adopted the "organized random sample" whose items are chosen through the organized selection from the tables of random numbers. The researcher, in this study, chose the (the organized circular method). In light of this, the researchers put a number of secondary objectives to achieve the main objective of the study. The objectives are: 1- Choice fallacies used by the organization 2- Organization fallacies used by the organization 3- Explanation fallacies used by the organization.