The Influence of Human Resource Management Practices on Employee Performance at Private Companies in Oman: Moderating Role of Organizational Politics


  • Zulfat Abdullah Hussain Al-Busaidi ,Rosima Binte Alias ,Mohammad Nurul Alam


HRM practices, organizational politic, employee performance, private companies, Oman


In Oman's private sector, one of the most pressing challenges is employee performance. As a result, the current research intends to analyse the moderating role of organisational politics in observing the impact of human resource management practices on employee performance. The research used a quantitative research design. Through an emailed survey questionnaire, 420 samples were collected using the convenience sampling technique. The acquired data was analysed using SPSS v23 and Smart-PLS 3.3.3, with the results revealing that of the 10 hypotheses given, all five direct associations found a significant positive relation. However, none of the five moderating hypotheses revealed significant with organisational politics. As a result, the findings might be useful to HR professionals, policymakers, and government agencies in Oman. The public sector companies and other HR variables that were not included in this study could be incorporated in a future study. Furthermore, the study was undertaken for the first time in Oman in selected private companies utilising Harvard Theory of HRM, and the use of organisational politics as a moderating variable made a significant contribution to the study.