Accreditation of Education Quality in Secondary Schools in Ho Chi Minh City: Necessity, Reality and the Problems Raised


  • Long An Dang Nguyen ,Thuan Van Pham


Education quality, Secondary schools


The reality of education quality accreditation under the direction of the leadership of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, the efforts of the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City, along with the efforts of the Secondary schools in the city have achieved remarkable initial results. However, the results of this activity have not yet achieved the expected results. Therefore, the study of activities on accrediting the educational quality of lower secondary schools in order to take effective measures to improve the quality of education in general and lower secondary education, in particular, is a great job. necessary, needs. Especially, in the current educational innovation context, when a new general education program has been issued, it requires a synchronous change in general education, including lower Middle education. This study points out the necessity, practice, and problems raised in the accrediting of education quality at lower Secondary schools in Ho Chi Minh City.