Perception of Students towards Virtual Mode of Learning in Pandemic: A case of Haryana


  • Gunjan Malik ,Anoop Kumar ,Jyoti ,Shilpi ,Ms. Purvi


Virtual classes, online classes, students, perception, Haryana


Present pandemic has made virtual classes an inevitable reality of education, which has become a new normal. But this change has many strands positives, challenges, pedagogy, platform etc. In the present study an attempt has been made to identify the responses of students studying in different colleges and universities of Haryana regarding their experience of virtual classes. A total of 796 respondents were administered through online questionnaire and SPSS 20.0 version was used to analyse the data. In the study it was found that Google meet is the most preferred platform, lecture method is the major component of pedagogy used by teachers in Haryana and students in Haryana are sufficiently technically skilled for attending online classes. Certain challenges established in the study are internet speed, lack of classroom environment, lack of gadgets and proper space etc. With an average or positive experience of online classes maximum of the students would not wish to continue with this mode post pandemic. The study would help the administrators in policy making and developing efficient learning systems.