Role of Talent Management on Achieving Organizational Excellence by Mediating Administrative Transparency


  • Ola Malek Abas ,Amir Fadauos Autheb


Iraqi Airways, Independent variable, mediation of administrative transparency, SPSS


This research aims to identify the role of talent management as an independent variable, in achieving organizational excellence as an approved variable, and through the mediation of administrative transparency in the Iraqi Airways company and its departments, people and units, as it is one of the important service companies that have a vital role in community service, as it included the research community The Iraqi Airways Company has (260) employees, and the data was collected through the use of a questionnaire that included (50) paragraphs to enhance the practical aspect, which was distributed to an intentional sample of (155) employees who occupy the rank of general manager, assistant general manager, and department and people officials. Designed for this purpose and to analyze the obtained data and treat it statistically, "the researcher relied through the use of the statistical program (SPSS) to analyze the primary data and a number of statistical methods to reach the results related to it and to test its hypotheses. The most prominent findings of the research, represented by the existence of an effect between the variable talent management and organizational excellence by mediating administrative transparency, through the leadership excellence dimension, as the airline pays its attention to creating an encouraging environment for employees to improve their performance and develop the desire and commitment to achieve the goals set.