Didactic Mission in School as Future Physiognomy


  • Evis Çelo


parent - student – teacher, team work, educational journey


The student progresses when the education at home and at school works properly, through the right ratio of the triangle: parent - student - teacher, both classical and contemporary one, in terms of the useful results through whole life and even in the case when teachers has worked and prospered according to the required standards. The goals of education are achieved through professional honest work, civic culture, love about teaching profession and dedication to the student knowledge performance, as well as it was our own child and by the appreciation of team work, as far as we consider ourselves as part of the whole. Especially in extremely difficult conditions, as in the case of the global pandemic virus Covid-19, which, inevitably affected Albania, and as such requires us to be more human, to be better person and showing more love and solidarity in carrying out our duty as a teacher. The object of this paper is not emphasizing parents' work with his/her child, but our object is focused in relationship and didactic approach of teachers with Albanian students. This noble enlightenment mission of civic education from generation to generation has been available also through virtual, online platforms. In order that educational journey to continue normally on a daily basis, among the three links of the golden chain, we consider that the preparation of the teacher as an educator is paramount, not just technical, as a usual teaching expert, but especially as a master of methodology in everyday teaching and educational process of our classes' schools, auditoriums and universities as well.