Public Relations Activities and Awareness of The Importance Of E-Government in The Iraqi Ministry of Interior


  • Nahedh Fadel Zidan ,Kitmaan Ali Kudhair


Electronic way, Manual jobs, Iraqi Ministry of Interior, Public relations


Modern societies tend to live in an electronic way. Indeed, many citizens and business owners are currently working in an electronic way because the use of information technology systems reduces the number of steps in the routine required to carry out work, and converts manual jobs to automatic, and helps improve the way of serving citizens by providing access to information in a service manner. The e-government can also automate responses to requests for licenses or information, in order to save time and energy for employees in order to provide better services to those reviewers who call directly or attend by themselves to accomplish some exceptional work. Therefore, to raise awareness its services, it is necessary to use various public relations activities and various means and methods in order to attract the citizen who benefits from its services. The researcher formulated the problem in a main question: How to employ public relations activities in the Iraqi Ministry of Interior in raising awareness of the importance of e-government, and the study aimed to identify the contribution of public relations activities in the Ministry of Interior to increasing the public's knowledge of e-government and then forming their awareness and identifying the contribution of Public relations activities in the Ministry in shaping the attitudes and opinions of members of the public about the e-government and knowing the electronic services adopted by the departments of the Ministry of Interior to achieve public benefit from these services. The researcher used the survey method, which is one of the descriptive research, the field survey was conducted for the public of the city of Baghdad, which is divided into five districts (Al-Karkh, Al-Rusafa, Al-Adhamiya, Al-Sadr I, Al-Sadr II), the researcher uses an intentional sample, which is the audience who benefit from the electronic services provided by the departments of the Ministry of Interior.