Employment of linguistics in teaching Arabic vocabulary


  • Abdullah Ahmad R Aljenobi


Vocabulary, Language dictionary


Vocabulary is very important in learning the language, not only in terms of acquiring it but also in terms of knowing how to use. Vocabulary is essential tool for interacting through ideas, gaining new experiences as the growth of ideas is always accompanying a similar growth in vocabulary. It is well known that life of the individual, inside and outside the school, is a world of vocabularies or based heavily on them. The human being depends on his treasure of vocabularies to communicate with others, acquire knowledge, think and express himself in different situations Scholars have put many lists of common vocabulary through a deep analysis of the language dictionary to help make teaching of vocabulary easier and effective. These lists created by modern linguists have contributed a lot in the field of understanding the nature of vocabulary and the methods of teaching them. There were 10 main methods which are commonly used in teaching vocabulary such as identification, the opposite, the root, pronunciation and dictation, the translation and using the dictionary and others.