The Impact of Intelligence Quality Management system on Sustainable Manufacturing


  • Ammar Abdulameer Zwain ,Kabas Zuhir Abdulkarim


Intelligent Quality Management System, Sustainable Manufacturing, Kufa Cement Plant, Iraq


Industrial organizations face many challenges such as resource depletion, energy consumption, increasing emissions and waste, and seeking to a higher quality of life. Therefore, it has become necessary to implement sustainable manufacturing. This study aims to examine the effect of the Intelligent quality management system on sustainable manufacturing in the Kufa Cement Plant- Iraq. The main problem is the low level of sustainable manufacturing application in the Plant, due to a defect in the application of the Intelligent quality management system. A questionnaire was designed and distributed to target community represented by (168) managers and engineers working in the Plant, the number of valid questionnaires for statistical analysis were (157). A model was developed and tested according to structural equation modelling by using SmartPLS v.3.3.2 program. The findings indicated that there is a direct positive and significant impact of the Intelligent quality management system on sustainable manufacturing. Forward quality module helps the designing according to market requirements, to make an adjustment to the standards from one time to another, which is reflected positively on customer and community satisfaction and enhances the social and technology aspect of sustainability.