Performance in Theory and Practice


  • Baidaa Ali Hussein ,Asmaa Shakir Ni’maa


Postmodern terms, philosophical theories and directing experiments


This research includes four chapters, the first chapter includes the methodological framework of the research problem, which focuses on answering the following question: (What is performance in theory and in practice?) and then the importance of the research and the need for it in shedding light on performance as one of the postmodern terms that must be emphasized on, and focusing on the performance formations that are prominent in the field. The purpose of the research is to identify performance in theory and practice. As for the second chapter, it includes the theoretical framework, with two topics, the first being philosophical theories and directing experiments, while the second topic is the performance of the representative (imitation - contrast), and the chapter concluded with indicators that resulted from the theoretical framework. As for the third chapter it contains the research procedures and choosing the sample which is a work for Akram Essam presented in 2014, and the fourth chapter includes the results and conclusions, including 1- The absence of a hierarchy of events and the reliance on presenting the incident and daily situations instead of "the monologue." 2- The actor's acquisition of new features in his performance such as his ability to use his body and his experiences to express himself by taking new dimensions.