Problems and Treatments for The Manufacturing of Metal-Made Tanks and Tanks in Baghdad Governorate for The Year (2020)


  • Mubdir Fakhir Abdulnabi ,Intisar Hassun Al Salami


Metal - made tanks, electric current, human and economic industrial settlement


Actually, the Iraq-based industry in general is not free from the problems, and the manufacture of metal - made tanks and tanks in Baghdad is considered one of the industries facing these problems, and that these problems sometimes get into all details and parts of the industrial process. Some of them have become an essential part of the production process and it has been dealt with as a given as the problem of securing the electric current as it is the main nerve to sustain the industrial process. This is a big problem in itself, as its costs are added to the final costs of the product and thus are reflected on the consumer. The industrial problems are considered alone as an industrial problem that stands and obstructs the progress of the industrial process or makes it in decline and economically unfeasible, and that these problems have treatments in order to advance the reality of that industry. The most prominent and most common of these problems lies in the factors of human and economic industrial settlement, including (manpower, government policies, capital, raw materials, and energy and fuel, the market, transportation and communications, land prices, the problem of industrial fraud, the problem of technology (modern technologies), and the problem of (environmental pollution).