Performance Art in Theater


  • Baidaa Ali Hussein ,Asmaa Shakir Ni’ma


Methodological framework, technical and stylistic mechanisms, death and terrorism


The current research includes four chapters, the first chapter includes the methodological framework of the research problem, which focuses on answering the following question: (What is performance and its applications in theater art in the world?) and then the importance of research and the need for it in shedding light on the subject of performance as one of the modern terms that must be emphasized on, and highlighting the technical and stylistic mechanisms that characterize this performance and was demonstrated by many world-class directors. The purpose of the research is to identify the performance and its applications in the international theater. As for the second chapter, the theoretical framework, it includes two topics, the first is the performative concept and its origin, while the second topic is the performative applications in the theater, and the chapter concludes with indicators that result from the theoretical framework. As for the third chapter, it includes the research procedures and choosing the samples and it is a show directed by Jabbar Judy presented in 2014, and the fourth chapter includes the results and conclusions like; 1- Following the installation and montage in the formation of paintings based on the pictorial narration of events. 2- These shows carried their daily concerns represented by the concepts of war, death and terrorism, thus re-drafting the tragedy in a way that recalls the local events at the present time.