The Importance of Holy Shrines in Optimizing Resources for Sustainable Urban Development in Cities


  • Yaqoub Hadi Abdul Redha Al-Ardawi ,Hussein Ahmed Saad AlShedidi ,Wadah Abdul-Saheb Al-Mousawi


nature and cities, economic, social, environmental, and institutional components, holy city of Karbala


The strategies of urban development employed to attain sustainability varied depending on the nature and cities, as well as the various systems of existing development institutions. This distinction poses a significant problem for planners and decision-makers among the commission's officials and experts in developing plans. It strives to achieve sustainable spatial development in its economic, social, environmental, and institutional components. In a theoretical approach, the research seeks to expose and inform the scientific concepts of sustainable urban development and the concept of the religious holy city. Also, to investigate the relationship between the holy shrines' investments and the city by examining the type of investment projects, which implemented by the holy shrines and their impact on the city's development. Whereas the research began by asking about the limits of realizing the holy shrines to work on sustainably maximizing the city's resources. As well as the question about the extent of the impact that these investments have achieved in the development and development of the holy city of Karbala. Its long-term sustainability, and in light of this review, a group of Indicators and their theoretical conclusion. The study found the holy shrines adopted an organizational policy, which prioritized coordination with the government in the development and management of the city during the spatial signing of projects. In addition, the establishment of policies and strategies that would monitor the achievement of sustainability goals and protect its funds from waste. The study advocated the establishment of thresholds in collaboration with the relevant government to more specialized and advanced investments and projects within the context of sustainable urban development.