Evaluation Of the Main Transportation Between Routes Between Hospitals in The City of Khartoum Using Geographic Information Systems (A Study in Transportation Geography)


  • Helen Mohamed Abdul Hussein ,Dhilal Jawad Kadhim Yassin


Data collection, geographic information systems, health facilities


The work of this research to evaluate the existing state of Khartoum hospitals distribution, so it has been necessary data collection to look like roads, hospitals, land use and population density in the region and analyzed using arc map10.2 gis -geographic information systems- to gain access to a number of results that the distance between hospitals and main roads less than the distance standard also confined to hospitals in convergent spaces It is also standard distances do not agree and for the population, according to an analysis of the intensity Kernel said the results far from health facilities are basically designed to serve the opulation. By observing the distribution of residential areas, demographic, commercial and other uses of land in the map also shows that this distribution _distribution hospitals Khartoum_ existing scattered and without the approval of the standards as required and not serve the population.