The choices of Imam Muhammad bin Al-Hassan Al-Shaibani through his narration of Al-Muwatta: (In transactions - bargaining in the price as an example)


  • Amer Muhammed Ahmed ,Hazoma Shaker Rashid


Majesty, Science of Jurisprudence, Human beings, manners and qualities


Praise be to God, a praise worthy of His majesty, and prayers and peace be upon Our Prophet Muhammed, who is known for his beautiful manners and qualities, and upon his family and companions, and those who follow his intention to pray. As for after: The science of jurisprudence includes comprehensive rules to which many of the details of the issues refer, and it contains small and major issues that are known by the people of jurisprudence and virtue. The jurists took great care of it, paid great attention to it, spent money and time for it, excavated its issues, and took them out on the origins of their companions, and imposed assumptions that some of them occurred, and others will happen, because accidents do not end, given the expansion of the circle of life, the civilization of human beings, and the breadth of their perceptions and inventions. Those imams left behind a huge scientific wealth, represented in the well-known books of jurisprudence, which the nation received with approval, and the scholars and students of knowledge circulated them, generation after generation, and cared for them to read and study. Among these prominent imams, Imam Muhammad ibn al-Hassan; Because of the importance of choices and preferences in jurisprudence, the studies of some researchers turned to it. Many doctoral and master's theses were recorded in this section; In view of the importance of what this great imam wrote of sayings in jurisprudence, a number of researchers have collected his jurisprudential choices that they devised and collected from his great jurisprudential heritage, and God Almighty has enabled me to study some of the choices of Imam Muhammad bin Hassan through the book Al-Muwatta with his narration, and I have chosen a part of the chapter Transactions, which is bargaining in the price. This research came in an introduction and a topic that includes two demands and a conclusion.