Domestic Violence and Its Impact on The Family


  • Baqer Jassim Musa ,Sally Dhyiaa Khaleel Ebraheem


Society, Customs and Traditions, Academic career, Domestic violence


God Almighty created male and female equal in everything, but the society has set a number of improper customs and traditions, the goal of which was to drain and harm women, to be at the mercy of the male category, so we see many who reject the work of their women in institutions, whether governmental or private, the researcher noticed through her research that some families prevented the female from completing their academic career and forced them into an early marriage, under the premise of chastity, not completing the studies and achieving the lofty goal of raising the status of women, and because of the spread of this reaction in society, the researcher tried to determine the impact of domestic violence on the family, the researcher distributed questionnaire forms to the abused after deleting the non-compliant (52) forms to be answered. The researcher concluded that women are subjected to violence more than men, and some call the Ministry of Interior hotline to report the violence they are exposed to.