Textual Openness in Contemporary Sculpture (An Analytical Study)


  • Humam Qais Hanoon ,Shawqi Mustafa Ali Almusawi
  • Humam Qais Hanoon ,Shawqi Mustafa Ali Almusawi


Methodological framework, visual text, theoretical framework


The current study dealt with the topic (textual openness in contemporary sculpture) and included the methodological framework of the research represented by the research problem about introducing the concept of openness of the visual text in contemporary sculptural works, passing through its importance and the need for it, in order to reach its specific goal (discovering the textual openness in contemporary sculpture) within time limits, 1974-2010) AD in Europe and America, While the theoretical framework included the concept of openness (mechanisms and characteristics), according to the conceptual principles of philosophical and cognitive openness. It came under the title of Contemporary Sculpture (Trends, Methods and Concepts) down to the indicators of the cognitive theoretical framework and previous studies. It included procedures The research consisting of the research community numbering (100) contemporary work and the sample that was determined by analyzing (4) models according to the descriptive analytical method