Investigating The Mediating Role of The Strategic Alignment of IT On the Relationship Between Strategic Maturity and Strategic Coordination


  • Professor Sanaa A. Al-Ubadi ,Abdulazeez B. Mohsin ,Imad Khaleel Ismael


Strategic Alignment, information technology, Relationship, Strategic Maturity, Strategic Coordination


This paper aims to interpret the relationships between the strategic maturity variable, the strategic alignment variable for information technology (IT) and their reflection on the strategic coordination variable. A set of inquiries was shaped to express the relationships based on theoretical and practical frameworks at the level of the application. A questionnaire was developed as a basic tool for data collection. The respondents of the questionnaire were (64) senior managers and executive managers who affiliated to the State Company for Drug Industry and Medical Appliances (SDI) located in Samarra/Iraq. Thereafter, the study data was analyzed using some appropriate statistical tools through several ready-made statistical programs (SPSS24, Excel 2013, and Amos 24). This paper concluded that the strategic alignment of IT has a mediating role between the strategic maturity and strategic coordination. This process has been carried out depending on the depth and breadth of the participation, the strategic planning process, and the method of implementing plans and objectives based on the dimensions of strategic maturity.