The Effect of Fast Strength Training and Some Psychotropic Substances in Special Physical Abilities to Perform the Throwing Stage and Achievement the Discus for Young Athletes


  • Hind Salem Tayeh ,Zainab Basel Jawad


Athletics players, Sports Talent Center, mechanical shooter


Athletics players, including young discus shooters under the weight of the race, are exposed to high tension, high pulse speed, breathing, poor concentration and many mistakes, which negatively affects the failure to achieve the correct mechanical shooter for performance, including achieving a profit quickly at the expense of increasing the arm of resistance during performance, so the goal of the research is to prepare training according to the reluctance of strength and resistance and apply them in certain psychological conditions (obstructive). The experimental approach was used on a sample of young discus shooters of the Sports Talent Center in Baghdad and the biomechanical variables of strength and starting variables of the disc were measured, the researchers used added weights for body parts and restricted rubber ropes for training purposes, and the researchers applied special resistance exercises based on changing the resistance arm successively bullying the arms and legs, and the results of the research improved speed gain and improved variables of disk start and completion of the search sample.