Applying The Pancasila for Developing Values on Science and Education: Conceptual Analysis


  • Moses Glorino Rumambo Pandin ,Misnal Munir


Pancasila and philosophy of science, educational and scientific principles


The study aims to find the basic concept of the values of science-based on Pancasila values. These values will be the principal orientation for developing science and its relevance to education. The study applies the qualitative philosophical approach method. The research procedures consisted of exploring and identifying sources of reading material on Pancasila and the philosophy of science. The data obtained were then analyzed using descriptive-hermeneutic. The results of this analysis found that The Pancasila value framework gives orientation to strengthen basic education for the young generation to internalize values that contain noble attitudes. The values of Pancasila, such as spiritual-religious, justice, and community, have to be the spirit of principles of the educational and scientific principles. The conceptual framework needs experiments within a natural setting, which is the limitation of the study.