Marketing Technologies and its Effect towards Online Purchasing Behaviour of Fashion Consumers in Malaysia


  • Masri bin Abdul Lasi ,Khairun Nisa Mustaffa Halabi ,Amer Hamzah Jantan ,Mustaffa Halabi Azahari


Marketing Technologies, Online Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Fashion Consumption, Marketing in Digital Era.


Leveraging existing literature, this paper reviews the factors that affect the online purchasing behaviour of fashion consumers in Malaysia. It aims to deduce the effect that various technologies have on fashion consumption and the drivers of the changes in consumer behaviour. The approach taken builds on existing frameworks for categorising technologies as processes, products, and services and then analyses the effect of the different marketing technologies on fashion consumption in Malaysia. The ability of the young middle class to earn more money and experience global fashion trends are key drivers of the change in their consumption behaviour. The outcome is an increased need for exciting experiences when shopping, and higher fashion tastes which can be attributed to the ever-increasing trends in technological innovations.