Judicial Literature Education Through Moot Court Community in Reducing Law Illusion in Indonesia


  • Dr. Dian Ferricha


Education, Human problem, judicial literacy education


Education for all aspects and all levels is very much needed because it can change humans from something they don't know to something they know, understand and even proficient in. Many things prove that education is a powerful solution in solving every human problem, not least the most fundamental legal problem is ignorance of the law or commonly called legal blindness. Research shows that the legal illiteracy rate of the Indonesian people is at the level of 15,84% that's only the percentage above cyber law awareness of Indonesian society is still lacking figures obtained from the site in years 2021. Which means that Indonesia as a state of law should improve in providing alternative solutions to increase society's awareness of the law. This is very beneficial for the life of the nation and society. One of the things that can be done is to improve education, namely education that is aware, capable and skilled in the field of law or can be called judicial literacy education. This literacy gives a domino effect for people's understanding of judicial power institutions that have the authority as a place for people to get legal certainty and justice. With this capital, it is necessary for the community to have small groups or communities that bridge these goals. No doubt, the existence of a moot court community can be the answer to the reduction or decrease in the ignorance or legal illiteracy of the people in this country. This study uses a conceptual approach based on socio legal research that is lifted from social facts on society in Indonesia. It is hoped that this research can provide a solution that the moot court community becomes a space for public awareness to educate themselves and the community environment in reducing legal illiteracy in Indonesia